Vistage Recognizes Judy Paul with 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award

New York, 9/24/2021 – Vistage, the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization for small and midsize businesses, today announced Judy Paul is the recipient of the Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award honors long-standing members who see no finish line in their pursuit of world-class. With a track record of bold decisions benefiting company, community and beyond, these members are a beacon to Vistage peers even as they achieve personal greatness.

Over the last 28 years as the CEO of North Square Restaurant and the Washington Square Hotel, Judy Paul has proven to be an unusual entrepreneur. She built a successful business with values you rarely hear about—courage, empathy, community, and dedication to lifelong learning. Besides shattering every glass-ceiling she has encountered, through her example she has proven that entrepreneurs with a heart can and do build profitable and sustainable businesses.

It takes courage to quit your job, but it takes extraordinary courage to quit your job in the middle of a recession and start a restaurant in New York City. Restaurants are notoriously difficult businesses to run and sustain in any environment, and in 1991, Judy did just that, she quit her Wall Street job to found the North Square Restaurant, which 28 years later is a thriving business. One of the keys to the restaurants’ success is her very low employee turnover. Many employees of the restaurant stay for many years or even build a career in hospitality with Judy and her team. And this is in an industry where the national average employee turnover rate is more than sixty-one percent.

If running a restaurant were not enough of a challenge, Judy took over as CEO of the Washington Square Hotel from her parents. In its early years, the hotel was fraught with numerous challenges. Looking for additional ideas, knowledge, and skills, Judy turned to Vistage for help. She and her husband, Marc Garrett (also a Vistage member for nearly 20 years) managed to turn the hotel around and build an employee culture of accountability and empowerment that is so well received, many make the hotel their life’s work. Many employees have at the hotel for decades, which is quite unusual for a hotel.

As a Vistage member for more than 25 years, Judy has focused on personal growth as well as helping everyone on her team grow…

Judy’s success as an entrepreneur may be second to her many community building activities. She served as an appointed board member of Community Board #2 for 14 years in Greenwich Village where she lives and the hotel and restaurant are located. She is currently an executive member of the Washington Square Association, where she has served for more than a decade. In addition, she served on the board of the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance, an organization that promotes the education and advancement of women in the food industry for more than five years. Finally, she is very proud to be a founding sponsor of The Village Trip, a music and arts festival that celebrates the cultural uniqueness of Greenwich Village.

“Judy is one of the most generous and caring people you will ever meet. She has done so much for our group and the Vistage community. As a member for 25 years, she has been dedicated to learning and sharing that learning with her executive team. I am thrilled she has received the Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award.Mark Taylor, Master Chair NYC

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