Vistage NYC Workshop LIVE with Maura Thomas: Control Your Attention, Control Your Life

We’re excited to have the author of Attention Management: How to Create Success & Gain Productivity–EVERY DAY, Maura Thomas join us in NYC on October 12, 13, & 14. Maura approaches each Vistage presentation with three objectives:

    • Give members the foundation of a proven, proprietary workflow management process that will maximize their ability to take action on their important tasks and goals, increase the accountability in their organization, and allocate resources appropriately
    • Help them be more strategic, by debunking old-fashioned “time-management” advice and providing a new perspective, more relevant for leaders in the 21st century: Attention Management
    • Teach them to capitalize on their knowledge, find their “flow,” and unleash their genius, allowing them to bring their full range of talents and experience to their organization, and be the visionary thinker that their leadership position demands

The objectives are achieved through a combination of engaging presentation, peer-to-peer interaction, and facilitated group discussion, plus a detailed and information-packed handout that gives the specific instructions needed to immediately implement the concepts presented.

Members will leave this presentation with actionable ideas, along with specific instructions, to:

    • More easily manage all the details of life and work
    • Bridge the gap between habits and technology, to make more effective use of existing software, apps, and devices
    • Become empowered to be consistently proactive, whether you have two minutes or two hours to get things done
    • Cultivate habits that support, rather than sabotage, concentration, critical thinking, and strategic leadership
    • Inspire more effective communication throughout the organization
    • Implement policies and work flow practices that will have a positive impact on the productivity culture of the entire organization

Want to Be a Guest?

If you are a Manhattan CEO or Senior Executive with revenues ranging from $10M-$500M in NYC and who wants to connect with other local high-performing CEOs to help them, challenge them and inspire them to become better leaders and accelerate their company’s growth, and you qualify, you may come as my guest. Contact me below: