The Secrets You Will Never Know About Financial Statements–A Vistage NYC Half-Day Learning Lab for CEOs

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Not understanding your financial statements can kill your business. Vistage speaker and master chair Jeannette Hobson will be facilitating this half-Day learning lab to sharpen your financial knowledge and better understand your Financial Vital Signs. As leaders, we don’t all need in-depth financial expertise; we need enough proficiency to understand what is important so we can ask the right questions. We need to ensure that we receive the financial information needed to make decisions and keep the pulse of the organization’s financial health.

  • Participants will walk away with the confidence to engage in financial discussions with other members, with bankers and other providers of outside capital, and with potential buyers.
  • Leaders will have specific measures when looking at potential acquisitions
  • Members will have more robust host presentations and executive session discussions
  • Leaders will gain insights that will improve their organization‘s performance and will increase the value of their business
  • Everyone will receive a step-by-step workbook with all the financial ratios needed to ask insightful questions about the financial health and operating results of their organization. These ratios enable you to pinpoint existing and potential problem areas.

Want to Be a Guest?

If you are a Manhattan CEO or Senior Executive with revenues ranging from $10M-$500M in NYC and who wants to connect with other local high-performing CEOs to help them, challenge them and inspire them to become better leaders and accelerate their company’s growth, and you qualify, you may come as my guest. Contact me below:

About Your Vistage Speaker

Jeannette Hobson is a NERD: she loves understanding how things work. As a child she took apart her dolls to find our how the arms and legs rotated and how the eye lids went up and down. She took apart old watches to find out how they told time. She hung out in the kitchen to learn how ingredients and processes produced such different results. In high school she loved Latin and Chemistry and Math and Science Fairs. As her horizons expanded, she became fascinated with people: how do you deconstruct people to understand how they work? This lifelong curiosity taught Jeannette the power of incisive questions and keen listening. The answers to her questions always lead to a story: about the person, the event, the situation; that story is a new slant that hadn’t been seen previously.

In the early years, Jeannette worked for The Bank of New York where she spent 10 years recruiting and developing future leaders for the organization, and 10 years identifying and maximizing future investment opportunities for clients. In both roles, her success was based on that curiosity to understand how this works.

Deregulation of the financial industry in the 1980s created new opportunities; because of her role, Jeannette had a bird’s eye view of the changes. As the changes normalized, she was eager to learn how to start and grow a business and left The Bank to start Gateway Consulting Group.

In the early 1990’s the Public Utilities Industry was being deregulated; Jeannette parlayed 20 years of financial services experience to become a recognized consultant to the Public Utilities industry.
By 1995, as the major restructures in the utilities industry had occurred; Jeannette was introduced to Vistage and became a Chair. She was named the 2008 Cope Award Winner, and in 2010 she became the newly created Eastern Region Senior Vice President for Vistage, a position that she agreed to fill for 3 years before returning to the role as Group Chair.
In 2017, Vistage and Stanford University Graduate School of Business created the Vistage Executive Leadership Program. Jeannette was one of 9 chairs around the country invited to facilitate this members-only certification program and she remains one of the core facilitators.

Her roots in the banking world are apparent in the River Run presentation that was originally created 10 years ago for Vistage Chairs and has been updated for members at the request of the Chairs. It is a timeless story of how an entrepreneur seizes opportunities and loses objectivity. It encourages you to be curious and to interpret the story in the numbers.