Ten Positive Intelligence (PQ) Techniques You Can Do With Your Eyes Open

Positive Intelligence PQ Rep

Many experts recommend taking at least 10,000 steps daily to remain physically healthy; the equivalent for mental fitness is doing 100 Positive Intelligence (PQ) reps daily.  To develop your biceps, you would do reps with a dumbbell repeatedly. The PQ Brain equivalent of lifting a dumbbell is very simple: shift your attention as much as possible to your body and any of your five senses for at least 10 seconds. This is a PQ Rep, just like the reps you do in a gym.

Ten PQ Techniques You Can Do With Your Eyes Open

  1. Rub your finger and thumb together.
  2. Wiggle your toes.
  3. Put your hand on your heart & feel your heartbeat.
  4. Place your hand on your stomach and feel it rising and falling.
  5. While walking, feel your feet on every step.
  6. When eating, stop and really taste every bite.
  7. Breathe deeply; inhale through your nose for five seconds, then exhale for five seconds.
  8. While showering, feel the hot water.
  9. Listen to a sound with focus.
  10. While sitting, feel your seat on the chair.

If you are going to an important meeting, giving a sales presentation, or preparing for a negotiation, in moments of tension or preparation, PQ reps are excellent tools to calm your mental chatter and achieve extraordinary results.