Vistage Key Executive Groups: What They Are and How They Can Help You Succeed

As a key executive, there are many things that you need to handle. Business decisions, employee complaints — it can be difficult sometimes to manage everything at once. Sometimes you need someone to talk to or bounce ideas off of, someone with similar experience and impartial judgment. This is where our Vistage New York groups come in handy.

Vistage Key Executive groups are made up of various C-level executives, of thousands of businesses from 20 countries across the globe. The purpose of these groups is to help these key executives with any issues they may have, such as preparing next-in-line executives for succession, enhancing professional development, and making better daily operational decisions.

The opportunities presented by the Vistage Key Executive groups are innumerable. The Vistage Key Executive groups are peer advisory groups of 16-18 key executives from non-competing industries led by a trained coach/facilitator, in which you can work on your most pressing issues and receive feedback from others. The peer advisory groups meet 12 times a year. Every month there are in-person expert speakers, certified by Vistage, in which key executives can learn from and formulate new ideas for the purposes of both personal and professional development.

Because of the specialized networks and groups provided through Vistage, key executives have access to both virtual and in-person communities, over 45,000 members, and the possibility of guidance and recommendations from people with lived experience in similar situations, and who therefore are in the position to give advice and provide support.

Within my Vistage NYC groups specifically, key executives are provided the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, improve their effectiveness, and drive results for the CEOs of their respective businesses. As a retired CEO and Vistage Master Chair myself, I have exceptional experience in the industry, as a result of my decades of work. This gives me a unique perspective and ability to help key executives with their business-related issues.

Our Vistage NYC groups help business leaders make better decisions through the shared wisdom of unbiased peers. Most key executives often find that they are suffering from similar issues. For example, key executives in our groups are often struggling to grow their business, hire or attract talent, maintain relevance in competitive markets, balance their personal and professional lives, and avoid making costly mistakes. Vistage allows for these leaders to discuss their issues, most of which are shared with others,  and work together to find the most economic, business-driven solutions.

Furthermore, I have personally spent years speaking to and working with these groups of C-level executives. One question which has always provided accurate feedback to me regarding the success and productivity of a company and its leaders is “What are your biggest complaints?” This question allows me the opportunity to learn firsthand what exactly key executives feel needs to be addressed within their own businesses.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the answers are similar among key executives. I often hear key executives talk about issues such as that there aren’t clear enough expectations, that the expectations are unrealistic, that there is a lack of direction, and that there is a lack of trust in leadership. Or, they talk about overall issues with the company culture and the employees, such as feeling that not everyone is on the same page, that isn’t a clear vision, that there is a lack of accountability or employee engagement, or even that there is interdepartmental fighting.

According to an article from the Harvard Business Review, a survey by Harris Poll of 1,000 workers in the United States revealed that employees had two major complaints about their leaders: that they don’t recognize employee achievements, and that they don’t give clear enough directions. Both of these issues can have dire consequences for a business, its employees, and its management. CEOs and key executives are in these positions of power in order to prevent these kinds of misunderstandings, and when these issues arise, leaders need to be able to handle them efficiently and effectively.

However, all of these issues can affect a company’s productivity, and the overall culture of a workplace. It can be difficult to run a business when these issues are weighing you down — which is where the benefits of Vistage Key Executive groups are demonstrated the most clearly. 

With our key executive groups, these problems can be discussed with a group of educated, experienced people in similar situations — people who understand your position and are in a position to help you with your business strategies and goals. By discussing these issues with key executives in similar situations, as mediated by a Vistage Chair such as myself, you can be sure to make the best, most thoughtful decisions in the future

Bottom Line:

All too often, key executives and employees alike complain of issues of management and organization, which can delay company progress and distract from what’s most important. Luckily, Vistage provides key executives the opportunity to join groups of like-minded people in Key Executive groups, in order to discuss and resolve common issues, provide feedback and support, and prepare these C-level executives for efficient decision making. In addition, various interactive workshops and seminars allow for further development.

As Vistage Master Chair, I facilitate these meetings and guide executives toward future success. My experience as a CEO and my work in the industry have provided me with the tools necessary to facilitate collaborative and successful discussions amongst successful executives, and my Vistage NYC groups for key executives yield numerous benefits for members.