Live from Vistage New York: It’s Saturday Night!

Vistage NYC is delighted to feature Jamie Mason Cohen, who worked for Executive Producer Lorne Michaels and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE  as our Vistage Expert Speaker. He will share insider knowledge and behind-the-scenes business lessons inspired by the show! Ready to learn the secrets of one of the most successful and long-running TV series of all time? Join us for SATURDAY NIGHT LEADERS: WHATS YOUR 11:30?


There are two types of leaders today: creative and reactive. Which one are you when it’s decision-making time?

Your answer to this question is your 11:30.  Lorne Michaels, the Executive Producer of Saturday Night Live, said, “Saturday Night Live was not ready because it was finished; it was ready because it was 11:30 on Saturday Night.”

What do you get when you bring together one of the business world’s top data-informed leadership 360s and backstage stories of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE? Weaving together invaluable data insights with the fascinating real stories behind the revered creative institution that is SNL, this session will teach leaders and teams how to grow through effective leadership in today’s volatile, complex and ambiguous business world.

What kind of a leader will you be at 11:30? Creative? Reactive? or a SATURDAY NIGHT LEADER?

This session will:

  • Help you identify the top creative competency (strength) that makes you a great leader and the reactive tendency (blindspot) holding you back as a leader.
  • Show you how to bring a team together to tap into the collective wisdom in the room
  • Give you insights into how to lead an employee who is outstanding but has challenges


Join us!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Join SATURDAY NIGHT LEADERS: What’s Your 11:30?, and get ready to take your organization to the next level! Our NYC Vistage Key Executive Group meets on April 11 and our NYC Vistage CEO Groups meet on April 12 & 13. If you are a qualified NYC CEO or Key Executive, contact me today to be my guest and unlock your potential for success!

Jamie Mason Cohen was recognized as the 2020 and 2021 Meeting Planners International New York Nominee for Speaker of the Year. He is a former member of Lorne Michaels team at SNL, Business TV Producer, TedX speaker, and author of Live from Your Class: Everything I Learned About Teaching, I Learned from Working at Saturday Night Live 

As a bonus and for the first time Jamie has offered this gift to a Vistage Group, early arrivers (8:00 am sharp) will have the opportunity to have a one-to-one signature handwriting analysis.  Watch this to see what this is all about:

Jamie is also a world-renowned certified handwriting expert and graphotherapist; his TEDx talk on how to spot a leader in their handwriting has been viewed over 2.3 million times, and whose handwriting analysis commentary is regularly featured on CNN, Forbes, CTV, Global, The Morning Show, Daily Express and The Social, to reveal your strengths beneath the surface and blind spots you need to be aware of.  Handwriting analysis was the ultimate icebreaker he used to connect with Lorne Michaels’ team when he arrived in New York and he recently did a group Zoom session with Lorne Michaels’ team today.

To grow as a person, getting the right kind of help and support is crucial. But what if you’ve already tried this and found many experts just ask a lot of questions on the surface but don’t offer real solutions?

That’s where Jamie is so different in his approach and it’s why audiences will consistently line up for hours (no exaggeration) after his worldwide speaking events to spend just a few minutes hearing his insights that have been called “better than therapy” by Margaret Trudeau.

You will walk away from a few minutes’ session with Jamie feeling inspired. You’ll have to experience this for yourself to believe it. If you feel that your life is not quite where you want it to be in certain areas and are searching for some non-judgmental, encouraging and useful analysis into what is holding you back, working with Jamie may be part of the answer.