How CEOs Can Harness Workforce Velocity and Win the Talent Game

The top issue facing Vistage CEOs is attracting and retaining talent.

The Big Upgrade is here, shaking the workforce to its core. Employees are taking the reins, with quit rates at a jaw-dropping 3.9 million and unemployment rates hitting rock bottom at 3.6%. The job market is a treasure trove of opportunities, and savvy workers are cashing in – job-goers are enjoying a stunning 15.2% increase in median annual pay, leaving job-stayers trailing at 7.3%. (Source: Vistage Report CEO Projections 2023: Growing Forward in the Aftermath)

This high-octane environment of workforce velocity, where quit rates, open headcount, and time-to-fill roles are soaring, is throwing down the gauntlet for Vistage companies. With 60% of these businesses raring to increase headcount and a mere 7% looking to scale down, CEOs are under pressure to lure in and lock down top talent.

Enter Kathleen Quinn Votaw, the talent whisperer, CEO, Speaker, Author, and Vistage Member. Her book, Solve the People Puzzle, spills the secrets to mastering these challenges. Her upcoming May workshops delve into hot topics like talent strategy, people continuity, employee engagement, employment trends, branding, recruitment and retention, and onboarding and training.

To keep up with the talent race, 84% of CEOs are upping the ante on wages, 68% are offering flexible hours, 60% are rolling out the red carpet for remote working, and 52% are sweetening the deal with better benefits. While talent scarcity’s chokehold on SMBs is loosening, 61% of CEOs confess that hiring hurdles still hamper their ability to operate at full throttle.

For CEOs looking to conquer the Big Upgrade, talent acquisition, and management must top their to-do list. Kathleen’s tenure as CEO of TalenTrust, a high-growth company on a mission to help businesses discover and keep top talent, makes her the go-to guru for workforce conundrums. With 30 years in the game, she’s primed to deliver priceless advice to CEOs, executives, and HR leaders navigating the rollercoaster of today’s employment scene.

A firm believer in the power of connections, Kathleen’s long-standing Vistage membership has fueled her company’s success. TalenTrust serves clients from coast to coast and boasts a team of 20+ experts. The firm’s stellar growth earned it a spot on the coveted Inc. 5000 list in 2015 and 2016, thanks in no small part to the Vistage community’s impact on its revenue growth.

Outside of TalenTrust, Kathleen’s influence extends to the Advisory Board for Colorado Companies to Watch, a program that spotlights second-stage companies making waves in the state. She’s also a member and former Board President of ACG-Denver, a powerhouse organization driving middle-market growth in the Rocky Mountain region.

In a nutshell, CEOs need to ride the wave of the Big Upgrade by adapting to workforce velocity and crafting strategies to attract and keep top talent. Kathleen Quinn Votaw’s book, workshops, and expertise offer a lifeline for Vistage CEOs and Key Executives braving the tempest of today’s rapidly changing labor market. To flourish amid workforce upheaval and stay ahead in a world that never stands still, companies must ace human capital strategy, recruitment, retention, and onboarding.

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About the Speaker

Kathleen Quinn Votaw is a CEO, Speaker, Author, and Vistage Member. Her book is Solve the People Puzzle; How High-Growth Companies Attract and Retain Top Talent

She has received the following awards as a Vistage Speaker:

2022 Top Performer

2021 Top Performer

2021 STAR Performer

2020 Top Performer