Helping Vistage Leaders Achieve Their Goals

Like any business leader, you sometimes face challenges you’re not prepared to handle. Or, you’ve got a business-related challenge for which you have a solution, but would still like to talk with someone about it and bounce ideas off of them. This can happen in a number of industries, and it is no indication of one’s leadership abilities. Rather, it demonstrates the need for a trusted team of advisors, who can guide you through these difficulties with ease.

Whether it be a peer group, a mentor-mentee relationship, or even just the support system of your friends and family within your personal life, you’re sure to have a network you can count on, and feel comfortable discussing issues with. These relationships provide value to you both as a business leader and as an individual. Why should a team of advisors be any different?

As a retired CEO and Vistage Master Chair, I have much experience working with business leaders, both individually and in groups, in order to provide advice, support, and to help them grow their businesses and leadership skills. I understand the value of an advising team, and know just how important they can be for a business leader.

Within my Vistage groups, there exists the NYC Vistage Trusted Advisors Group. Within this, there exists a subset called the Trusted Advisor Tiger Team. This TA Tiger Team is a group of individuals, which is committed to helping to provide value to small and mid-sized businesses, through the advising of the owners and leaders. The Trusted Advisor Tiger Team focuses especially on enhancing the welfare of these companies in the context of the worldwide community of Vistage.

But how can the Trusted Advisors Tiger Team help you achieve your goals?

The definition of a tiger team is a specialized team brought together in order to solve a specific problem or work on a specific goal. My NYC Vistage TA Tiger Teams’ mission is to serve as a “first responder” in the context of business-related challenges. In this way, they aim to provide advice to Vistage members who qualify and are in immediate need of assistance.

The way this works is through conversations, on a pro bono basis, between the Vistage Tiger Team and the business leader involved. There are typically between one to three conversations, within which the business leader explains the difficulties that they are currently facing, and the Tiger Team assesses the situation. Then, the Tiger Team promptly provides advice, and helps to put the business leader on track toward both resolution of the issue and future success for the organization. This fosters an engaging, productive dialogue between not only the business leader and the Tiger Teams, but also between the leader and their business. I personally have played a role in an especially successful Tiger Team meeting, in which a business leader discussed his challenge regarding government sequestration. Following a four-hour meeting with the TA Tiger Team, this business leader was able to follow our advice and successfully resolve the issue, leading to his ability to later on sell his company for over $30 million.

As a result of this process, the stakeholders of an organization receive urgent, accurate, and thorough advice. The Vistage NYC TA Tiger Team can be trusted to provide knowledgeable and relevant advice in a variety of disciplines, so you can count on their ability to help you with any problem you may be facing. Specifically, the Vistage NYC Trusted Advisor Tiger Teams are able to provide expertise regarding sales and marketing, finance, operations, legal, insurance, information systems, health and wellness, coaching, and management consulting. However, this is not where their expertise ends — whatever the issue is, it is sure to be something that the Trusted Advisor Tiger Teams can handle.


There are various benefits to contacting my NYC Vistage Trusted Advisor Tiger Teams. By providing advice and assisting you with your business, the TA Tiger Team is helping you handle serious business-related challenges that are impeding your business and its future success. As a result, it is also helping you develop a fresh, high-performing culture overall. And, by putting you and your business on a path toward success, the TA Tiger Teams are setting you and your business up for a future without further struggle. Whatever challenges you may be facing in the future, you can be sure that the TA Tiger Teams will be prepared to help.

Bottom Line:

My Vistage NYC Trusted Advisor Tiger Teams have countless benefits, including providing urgent, applicable, and productive solutions to any challenge a business leader may be facing. The stakeholder also receives, as a result of these conversations with the TA Tiger Teams, a cohesive plan toward success.
If you find yourself struggling with any sort of business-related challenge, reach out to the TA Tiger Teams within my Vistage NYC groups, and receive helpful, accurate advice you can trust. With the TA Tiger Teams, you can be sure to achieve your goals.