Vistage Worldwide: The Perks of Joining My NYC Vistage Groups

As a business owner, CEO, or key executive, you often feel the need for a supportive network of business professionals. Whether it’s in the form of a peer advisory group, a one-on-one mentorship relationship, or even the opportunity to attend a speaker event with an expert, there are many ways for Vistage to provide value to you as a leader.

As a retired CEO and Vistage Master Chair, I know the ins and outs of Vistage, and am extremely experienced in helping business leaders find the right Vistage groups for them. There are many perks of joining Vistage Worldwide, and of joining my NYC Vistage Groups specifically.

Vistage Worldwide is the world’s largest organization for executive coaching. Vistage has helped leaders of both small and midsize businesses solve their hardest challenges through both peer advisory groups and executive coaching sessions, for over 65 years. Vistage has over 45,000 members across 35 countries.

According to an analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data, within Vistage Worldwide, on average, CEO members grew their annual revenue in 2020 by 4.6%. This is as compared to nonmembers, whose businesses experienced revenue decreases of about 4.7%. Working with Vistage allows for business leaders to experience numerous benefits.

One of the most important aspects of Vistage Worldwide is the peer advisory groups. These groups are made up of 12-16 other business leaders, CEOs, or key executives. These peer groups serve the purpose of being a private and confidential advisory board within which these business leaders can discuss their challenges with similarly talented and experienced individuals. Each of these members of the peer groups are from non-competing industries, and therefore are unbiased and have no ulterior motives. These peer advisory groups allow for each member to both provide and ask for advice.

Another important aspect of Vistage Worldwide is the executive coaching sessions. These coaching sessions allow for business leaders to receive one-on-one coaching from an accomplished business leader. The one-on-one coaching sessions often entail personalized guidance which business leaders can use to handle various challenges they’re facing.

Also, Vistage Worldwide has speaker workshops and events. Within these workshops and events, business leaders can learn from world-class experts. These opportunities open the door toward new and exciting ideas for both personal and business development.

As a result, Vistage Worldwide has many perks for business leaders, CEOs, and key executives. Within my own Vistage groups, there are many same perks. The most successful NYC CEOs, key executives, and business owners are members of my NYC Vistage groups.

My NYC peer groups help CEOs and executives alike. My peer groups can appear in many forms, either as a monthly meeting with 16 members, or as a triad. A triad is a group of three business leaders who collaborate to solve their business-related challenges, and provide advice and support to each other. The more unbiased feedback and diverse perspectives they get, the better the decisions CEOs can make.

My NYC Vistage peer groups are a great way for business owners, CEOs, and key executives to build a supportive personal network, in addition to providing a professional network in which each member can share support, feedback, recommendations, and resources with each other.

My NYC Vistage groups also provide the opportunity for members to attend numerous speaker events. These speaker events are invaluable, as members of my Vistage NYC groups can learn from experts in a variety of fields.

The speaker event coming up is with Kathleen Quinn Votow. Kathleen is a CEO, Vistage member, speaker, and author of “Solve the People Puzzle; How High Growth Companies Attract and Retain Top Talent.” Within this event, Kathleen will focus on topics like people continuity, employment trends, employee engagement, recruitment, retention, branding, onboarding, training, and talent strategy.

In the past, we’ve had speakers such as Suzanne Mayo Frindt and Jamie Mason Cohen. Suzanne is a Vistage Chair Emeritus, author of “Accelerate: High Leverage Leadership for Today’s World,” and former CEO of The Hunger Project. We were honored to offer an interactive workshop with Suzanne, as she covered concepts such as productive mindset principles, productive dialogue zone, self-generated accountability, and the three levels of conversational impact.

Furthermore, the speaker event with Jamie Mason Cohen provided Vistage members with advice on how to identify the top creative competency and the reactive tendency, how to lead an employee who is struggling, and how to bring a team together in order to unite a room. Jamie is a business TV producer, TEDx speaker, a former member of Lorne Michael’s team at Saturday Night Live, and author of “Live from Your Class: Everything I Learned About Teaching, I Learned from Working at Saturday Night Live.”

These speaker events provide useful information to all Vistage members who attend, as they learn from talented individuals with experience in all sorts of fields.

Bottom Line:
Business leaders of many different types of organizations can learn from my NYC Vistage groups, and from Vistage Worldwide as a whole. Vistage peer groups, executive coaching, and speaker events and workshops are just a few examples of the way my NYC Vistage groups can provide value to business owners, CEOs, and key executives.