Vistage NYC Live Event: Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts with Michael Brode-Waite

In an era of rapid change and high stakes, strong leadership is more critical than ever. Yet, even the most accomplished leaders can unknowingly fall prey to addictive behaviors that drain productivity and stifle growth. This transformative Vistage NYC Live workshop offers a deep dive into the ‘Leader Addictions’ that may be robbing your organization of up to 10 hours each week and potentially stunting your growth objectives.

TEDx speaker, author, and recovering addict Michael Brody-Waite takes the system millions of drug addicts use to recover and uniquely applies it as a leadership system that allows any person and organization to unlock their full potential. From senior executives to front-line managers at small businesses, this system enables participants to achieve something they deem impossible within 28 days of the workshop.

You will learn how to detect and overcome the Four Leader Addictions that are costing employees 10 hours per week and the ability to exceed their growth goals:

  • Saying Yes When You Could Say No
  • Hiding A Weakness
  • Avoiding Difficult Conversations
  • Holding Back Your Unique Perspective

Overcoming these addictions enables Three Key Decisions:

  1. Preparing to scale company culture and connection in a virtualized world
  2. How to develop key leadership talent from within
  3. Identifying which priorities to eliminate or enhance in order to achieve more with less

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About our Vistage Expert Speaker

Michael Brody-Waite is a recovering addict, acclaimed speaker, Inc. 500 founder, award-winning three-time CEO, and author of Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts:

Michael’s TEDx Nashville video, “Great Leaders Do What Drug Addicts Do,” provides insight into his twenty-year journey from addiction to successful entrepreneurship. It is the number one talk in the history of TEDx Nashville, with over 3 million views from people in 25+ countries.

As founder and CEO of Addictive Leadership, Michael is on a mission to revolutionize the rules of leadership by teaching thousands of leaders the three principles that saved his life. The Addictive Leadership system has been taught to hundreds of companies at Vistage, Google, and Dell, government agencies, nonprofits, and startups.

Thanks to a style that pairs inspiration with practical application, Michael was recently awarded the 2021 Vistage “Top Performer” and “Top New Speaker” awards.

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