Doubling Your Productivity Through Technology

In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern business, the intersection of leadership and technology emerges as the defining battlefield for tomorrow’s industry leaders. As someone who passionately advocates for the early and robust adoption of technology, I’ve observed firsthand its transformative power—not only in streamlining operations but also in fundamentally reshaping our approaches to leadership and innovation.

In a recent global survey of 4,700 CEOs, most are confident that AI will streamline operations, but 45% acknowledge that their business models may not be viable in a decade without reinvention. Another report indicates that up to 43% of CEOs believe that their position could be replaced by artificial intelligence.

This article delves into the insights of Dave Nelsen, a seasoned tech #CEO and #Vistage Speaker of the Year. I am delighted that Dave will be delivering a workshop with some of NYC’s top #CEOs and Dave Nelson LIVE in NYC. He’ll be sharing some of his personal tips and tricks for using technology more effectively.

Join us as we explore practical strategies that promise not just to enhance operational efficiency but to cultivate a mindset that embraces technological advances as indispensable allies in the quest for business excellence.

Here’s a summary of what he’ll be covering:

  • Change Your Mindset!

“As people age, they tend to slow down and stop embracing the new. They don’t do technology. That’s an outrageously dangerous leadership approach today and more so every single day. Embracing technology is going to make you and your business more productive, more competitive. Please embrace technology!”

Dave will help inspire you to have a “yes to technology” mindset, essential to learning and adopting new behaviors.

  • Reduce Interruptions! Humans do not task switch well (multi-tasking is a myth)—control your technology or it controls you. A recent study indicates that an interruption adds 15-24% time to the task. Dave will show several simple actionable steps to minimizing the number of interruptions you have during a day that are related to technology.
  • Prioritize! Have you considered when you should and should NOT use email? It’s essential to understand what type of technology to use for which types of communication and when to use them.

“Not all messages are of equal value!”

Dave will teach you how to guarantee that transactions aren’t lost and that you always receive communication from the most important senders.

  • Access Information! Microsoft estimates that employees spend 76 hours per year manually navigating folders. Dave will guide you in developing better search skills, which will increase your productivity.
  • “Productivize” Your Job! Generative AI is probably the most transformative technology of our lifetime.

“Four in ten jobs can currently be 30% automated”.

As terrifying as this can be, Dave sees this as an opportunity. Don’t be afraid to explore how to increase productivity. This will allow you to dedicate your attention to areas that cannot be automated. Dave provides many examples of how interacting with chatbots can be a huge benefit to you.

  • Be Safe! Cyber security is a very important element of effectively utilizing technology. Whether it’s creating strong passwords or implementing two-factor authentication, Dave shares best practices for keeping you safe.

The future can be exciting or terrifying, and your perspective is influenced by how much you understand and utilize technology. You don’t have to be a programmer or software engineer to use technology to your advantage. I believe that everyone in 2024 should be using more technology in more ways.

If you want to feel hopeful instead of fearful, and you are a qualified CEO or Key Executive, you can join us LIVE in NYC for an intimate workshop with some of NYC’s top CEOs and Dave Nelsen. I promise that he will provide tips and tricks that will change your mindset and improve your life.