About Vistage NYC

Are you a CEO  that wants to become a better leader?

We are not looking for just any CEO. Our existing group of CEOs decide on whether they think a candidate will bring value to the group. We are looking for CEOs that share our values of openness, challenge, care, integrity, and have a passion for learning. The CEO has to be a Manhattan based company with revenues greater than $10m.

Vistage International is the world’s leading chief executive organization. Vistage helps people who run businesses become better leaders, make better decisions, and achieve better results through a unique suite of services which includes monthly problem-solving meetings with peers, individual coaching, expert speaker workshops, a Web-based best practices library and access to a worldwide network of more than 45,000 executives in 20countries.


Vistage NYC members meet monthly with CEOs in groups of up to 16 non-competing companies.

Member companies are better run and grow their revenues, on average, at more than twice the percentage growth rate after joining Vistage.

Vistage NYC consists of CEOs that run businesses in Manhattan.Candidates We Seek

We seek members who:

–Have a passion to grow (their business and personally) to the next level

–Are open to learn, eager and able to share, as well as give and receive feedback

–Can commit to participate fully and bring value to the group

In order to be a CEO Peer Group, we seek members who are Manhattan based business owners, CEOs, Division CEOs with P&L, and serial entrepreneurs. Charter member companies already range in size from $10 million in sales to over $200 million.