Tribal Leadership

Mark delivers workshops and retreats for companies that want to facilitate corporate change based on the models and processes of Tribal Leadership. He is a Senior Consultant and Trainer for the CultureSync Leadership Academy and teaches with Dave Logan, co-author of the book, Tribal Leadership, the Tribal Leadership Executive Program.

As a certified national speaker with Vistage International, his workshop on Tribal Leadership has been ranked one of the best in the country.

His presentation, entitled, Tribal Leadership: because culture eats strategy for breakfastis highly interactive.  Tribes can make or break your organization’s success. Tribes operate at different cultural stages, which can positively or negatively impact your results as an organization.


Programs Offered Include the Following:

Tribal Leadership Seminar 

Is your team complaining about not having enough time? Your tribe may be stuck at what we call, Stage Three. Our interactive workshops are designed to empower each participant to step up their leadership to create a great workplace culture. We deliver custom workshops for the needs of your company. They run 1-2 days depending on what you want. We can deliver workshops in person or virtually. Typically, we teach participants about the Cultural Map, use the Mountains & Valley’s exercise to align as a tribe on core values, and help tribes discover their Noble Cause. Then we use 90 day strategies and triads for implementation.

Core Values Identification & Implementation

Unlike the traditional processes of identifying and communicating core values (which almost never works), we work in tribes to discover people’s core values, and define what they mean. The result is the DNA of the organization. Core values, once identified, make complex decisions easy to make, even “no brainers.”

We help you uncover your core values & wordsmith them so that they are simple, clear, and memorable. Next, we work with you to create strategies for communicating and embodying the core values into your entire organization. This includes finding your values embedded stories and creating artifacts, such as culture books so that your entire organization knows, lives,  and uses your core values as a decision making framework.

Strategic Planning Session

70% of all strategies fail. Our Strategy Sessions are like none other; they are designed to leverage the Tribal Leadership Methodology to create a strategy that doesn’t fail by using Triads to insure a successful execution. By working with tribes for short periods of time to construct 90 day strategies, the result is hitting key targets quickly while also improving the tribe’s culture.

Keynote Presentation for Retreat or Conference

A highly sought-after speaker, Mark delivers high impact keynote speeches on real world transformation of corporate culture, tripling results through triads, tribal leadership, and strategy. For your next retreat or conference, find out if Mark is available. This 60 to 90 minute keynote is designed to entertain, educate and motivate.

Benefits of Shifting Culture:

  • People collaborate and work towards a noble cause, propelled from their values.
  • Fear and stress go down as the “interpersonal friction” of working together decreases.
  • The entire tribe shifts from resisting leadership to seeking it out.
  • People seek employment in the company and stay, taking the company a long way toward winning the war for talent.
  • People’s engagement to work increases, and they go from “quit on the job but still on the payroll” to fully participating.
  • Organizational learning becomes effortless, with the tribe actively teaching its members the latest thinking & practices.
  • People’s overall health statistics improve. Injury rates and sick days go down.
  • People feel more alive and have more fun. “

Mark is deeply committed to transforming the workplace so that all people can experience the joy that comes from making a difference.

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