Ten Positive Intelligence (PQ) Techniques You Can Do With Your Eyes Open

Positive Intelligence PQ Rep

Many experts recommend taking at least 10,000 steps daily to remain physically healthy; the equivalent for mental fitness is doing 100 Positive Intelligence (PQ) reps daily.  To develop your biceps, you would do reps with a dumbbell repeatedly. The PQ Brain equivalent of lifting a dumbbell is very simple: shift your attention as much as… Read more

Introduction to Brene Brown Dare to Lead Courage-Building Program for Leaders: A Vistage NYC Live Workshop

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, this Vistage meeting will introduce the Dare to Lead™ curriculum, a courage-building program for leaders. Daring leaders know how to have hard conversations, hold themselves and others accountable, lead with empathy and connection, take smart risks that lead to innovation, build trust, reset quickly after disappointments and… Read more

Are You Solving the Wrong Problem?

Chances are, you are not solving the right problem. In a survey published in the Harvard Business Review of 107 C-suite executives, 85% thought their organization was bad at problem diagnosis. The problem is that we human beings are bad observers of our own reality. Our self-defense mechanisms prevent us from seeing certain situations; that… Read more

Increase Your Company’s Revenue by 4x with Gender EQ Strategies: Vistage NYC In-person Workshop

Leaders and their organizations are realizing that they must use Gender EQ — not because it’s a required diversity initiative, but because it makes economic sense and is therefore crucial to the future of the organizations. Vistage speaker, TEDx speaker, and Amazon bestselling author, Olenka Cullinan will be facilitating this half-Day learning lab. Workshop participants… Read more

The Secrets You Will Never Know About Financial Statements–A Vistage NYC Half-Day Learning Lab for CEOs

Dollar burning

Not understanding your financial statements can kill your business. Vistage speaker and master chair Jeannette Hobson will be facilitating this half-Day learning lab to sharpen your financial knowledge and better understand your Financial Vital Signs. As leaders, we don’t all need in-depth financial expertise; we need enough proficiency to understand what is important so we… Read more

Vistage NYC Review by Jill Vitiello, founder of Vitiello Communications Group

Life After the Sale: Retire into the sunset? No way. Jill Vitiello, Founder and former CEO of Vitiello Communications Group, who joined Vistage in 2014 shares her review of Vistage NYC and Vistage Master Chair Mark Taylor. I’ve been an active member of the women’s business community for decades. So when my chief operating officer… Read more

Vistage NYC Workshop LIVE with Maura Thomas: Control Your Attention, Control Your Life

We’re excited to have the author of Attention Management: How to Create Success & Gain Productivity–EVERY DAY, Maura Thomas join us in NYC on October 12, 13, & 14. Maura approaches each Vistage presentation with three objectives: Give members the foundation of a proven, proprietary workflow management process that will maximize their ability to take… Read more

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