10 Reasons You Are Failing At Your Goals — And How to Change Them

Are you frustrated because you’ve got goals, but your business is stagnant and you can’t figure out why? As Master Chair of Vistage NYC, I’ve seen it all. Leaders and CEOs are so preoccupied with moving forward that they neglect to implement real action that will propel their businesses and futures in the right direction… Read more

Retreats Make Vistage NYC Unique

In my NYC Vistage group, I make it a priority to include annual retreats with my members. Take a listen as I elaborate the benefits and positive outcomes of my retreats, and how you can implement them in your business… Read more

Top 3 Business Trends for 2023

The Top 3 Business Trends for 2023 — Straight from Manhattan, NYC As a global leader in business, Manhattan is on the cutting edge when it comes to the newest trends. Companies in the city are already engaged in the latest technologies and are ready to make an impact.  Here are the top three business… Read more

Company Culture: Without These 5 Factors, Your Company Culture is TOXIC

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable work situation? Maybe you were put in a morally questionable position by a higher up, or you found it difficult to evaluate someone’s performance because there was no clear guideline? If so, it’s possible you’ve been a member of a toxic company culture. A lot of people think… Read more

Successful Entrepreneurs: 5 Things NYC’s Most Successful CEOs Delegate

After decades of working with many top entrepreneurs and C-level executives in NYC, I’ve identified the five things that the city’s most successful entrepreneurs most consistently delegate. These tasks and assignments are specifically entrusted to others so they can focus on what matters most. 1.) Administrative and Housekeeping Duties The first thing NYC business leaders… Read more

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