NY Vistage Member Takes His Company to the Next Level

David Friedfeld is the President of Clear Vision Optical. In this video, he discusses how Vistage has helped his company to go to the next level. His dad started the business in 1949 with 15 employees, now the company has 180. David says, “We had grown as far as we could in the family model… Read more

Where Are You Blind?

  How many senses do you have? Most of us will say five: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Some will talk about a sixth sense—intuition. In a conversation about his book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, Sir Kenneth Robinson told Susan Bratton of DishyMix that we have several other senses, like… Read more

How Vistage & LinkedIn Helped Me Conduct Business in Brazil

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Tom Reaoch, a Vistage CEO member in Brazil. From our meeting, Tom interviewed me for his radio show, Talk 2 Brazil. Here is a recording of our conversation. Highlights include the following: How to do business in Brazil: in person and through the internet Advantages of Vistage membership… Read more

Hey Houston, We’ve Got a Problem. What CEOs can Learn from NASA.

During the Apollo 13 mission, astronaut James Lovell told mission control, “Hey, Houston, we’ve a problem here,” when an oxygen tank blew up and the command module’s lost electricity. This shifted the mission from landing on the moon to getting the astronauts back home alive. Sometimes, as CEOs, we need to shift the way we… Read more

CEOs, Transform Your Collections Process! Get Customers to Pay

I was looking for a way to help a member with aging accounts receivables and had a conversation with Vistage Speaker, Abe WalkingBear Sanchez, which was transformational. We look at collections as an accounting function when it needs to be a sales function. Managing Account Receivable is the process of completing the sale; the goal… Read more

CEO Advice: Watch How Funny Your Jokes Get.

Adam Bryant of The New York Times asked Nell Minow, the co-founder of Corporate Library what she learned from her best boss: “Watch how funny your jokes get.” And I must think about that three or four times a week. Not because I’m telling a joke and people are laughing, but because I need to… Read more

The Key to High Performing CEOs and Organizations

I had the privilege of hearing best-selling author Tony Schwartz speak in a Vistage Webinar on the topic, Leading in the Storm: Generating Positive Energy in Tough Times. Tony, is the author of #1 best sellers, Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy Not Time, and The Art of the Deal, with Donald Trump. He shared… Read more

Find Out How Other CEOs are Thriving; Not Just Surviving

Is economic uncertainty changing the way you do business? How will you operate your company under these tenuous circumstances, and how will you grow your business for the future? You’re not alone. All chief executives confront these issues at some point in their careers. What if you had access to a CEO-level peer group that… Read more

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