The Three Things CEOs and Business Owners Need to Succeed

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I was privileged to be interviewed by Ben Wolf of Wolf’s Edge Consulting for his podcast and we discussed the three things that every business owner needs to succeed as well as several other topics, like peer advisory boards. You will find this 30-minute video useful… Read more

How Do Business Owners Prepare to Return to the Workplace in NYC

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In this one-hour video, you will learn the best practices for preparing your people to return back to work in NYC. We have two experts, HR Expert, Erin Lau, and VP and Attorney Andy Ramzel from Insperity HR Services answer questions from Vistage members about Returning to the Workplace in NYC. Here are some of… Read more

Experience Vistage NYC: June 8th

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These are unprecedented times. Now more than ever, leverage the resources and support of the Vistage community to lead the way — together. The coronavirus precludes the event from meeting in person this year. Join us for a unique opportunity to experience Vistage from the comfort and safety of your own home. As a CEO… Read more

Vistage NYC Presents: You Are NOT the Person I Hired with Barry Deutsch


Vistage speaker Barry Deutsch presented this program to our Vistage Emerging Leaders. Why does research show that 56% of all executive hires fail in their first year to eighteen months? In our consulting and research with thousands of companies, we’ve discovered that: Hiring tends to be the only process in the entire company that is… Read more

Vistage NYC Webinar – Ariel R. Enisman, Esq. – Asset Protection & COVID-19

As the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, and the market continues to show signs of distress and fluctuation, the nation as a whole is wondering what will happen next. Previous research has shown that during times when the economy is suffering the frequency of new litigation cases will rise. If our good economy has shown… Read more

Understanding the Main Street Lending Program

Main Street Lending

Vistage NYC was honored to have Ami Kassar, CEO of Multi-funding present this webinar helping Vistage CEOs to understand the Main Street Lending Program. The Federal Reserve has announced that it is establishing a Main Street Lending Program to support lending to small and medium-sized businesses that were in good financial standing before the onset… Read more

Vistage NYC Member Only Webinar: Leveraging the Power of Polarities


In his groundbreaking book Good to Great, Jim Collins outlines the apparent paradox of what he terms Level 5 leaders: extreme willfulness AND demonstrated humility. The ability to leverage the “upsides” of both of these interdependent aspects is a demonstrated hallmark of leadership success today. And it opens the door to a broader and more… Read more

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