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Join Us! Vistage NYC February 2019 Live Event: Todd Cherches: VisuaLeadership® – Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking & Visual Communication

VisuaLeadership® is the art and science of applying visual thinking and visual communication tools, tips, and techniques to manage and lead yourself and your people to higher levels of performance. If, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, then leveraging the power of visuals will equip, enable, and empower you, as the… Read more

Join Us! Vistage NYC January 2019 Live Event: AmyK Hutchens – Ignite Brilliance in Your Creativity & Innovation

It’s time to THINK DIFFERENT! After several years of cloudy skies, executives are actively shifting from survival mode and risk aversion to seeking off-the-chart growth and game-changing behavior. In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, AmyK Hutchens will share how to develop an innovative strategy for your company that involves visionary leadership and bold ideas… Read more

Vistage NYC Event Calendar

January 8, 2019 Tuesday Key Executive Group Ignite Brilliance in Your Creativity January 9, 2019 Wednesday CEO Group Ignite Brilliance in Your Creativity January 10, 2019 Thursday CEO Group Ignite Brilliance in Your Creativity February 12, 2019 Tuesday Key Executive Group Visual Leadership February 13, 2019 Wednesday CEO Group Visual Leadership February 14, 2019 Thursday… Read more

Learn to Drive Better Performance at Vistage NYC November Live Speaker Event

Feedback Fix®, is the first experience of its kind where we delve into three dimensions of feedback that give CEO’s and leaders the breakthrough, mastery, and commitment around how to drive better performance. Our facilitators are Melissa Goodwin and Tamara Carrillo, who are both leaders in the field of Leadership and Organizational Development. Together they… Read more

Vistage NYC March Live Event: Vistage Speaker Mike Pierce – Leading at 90 Below Zero: Keeping Great Employees Focused, Fired Up and Engaged Award- Winning Vistage Speaker “Antarctic Mike” Pierce’s program, Leading at 90 Below Zero, (also the name of one his books) will showcase the principles and drivers that enabled Shackleton and his men to not only survive but thrive under terrible conditions of adversity, sudden and unexpected change and many other factors that threatened their… Read more

Vistage New York City February Live Event: Robert Richman – The Xperience: Breaking Through Unconscious Blocks to Get to the Next Level

Vistage Expert Speaker, Robert Richman is a culture strategist and was the co-creator of Zappos Insights, an innovative program focused on educating companies on the secrets behind Zappos’ amazing employee culture and the author of The Culture Blueprint. Robert is our Vistage Expert Speaker for Vistage New York in February. Everything is becoming instant and… Read more

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