Vistage for Advancing Leaders

The Vistage Advancing Leader Program is designed to accelerate the leadership development journey of experienced and advancing managers; typical middle level managers. The program challenges members to become more effective leaders through proactive thinking, communication, and collaboration to achieve breakthrough results.

This program equips members with the skills to execute important initiatives that support the organization’s strategy. Through the combination of expert speakers, application-based learning, peer feedback, and customized evaluations, members learn to clearly define opportunities, gain internal alignment and lead implementation for greater organizational impact.

Vistage offers numerous programs for leadership development.

Vistage Advancing Leader

The Vistage Advancing Leader program focuses on developing Managers into Effective Leaders. Advancing Leaders will…

  • Learn through Vistage’s Effective Leadership Methodology. Members develop strategic thinking, communication and collaboration to become more effective leaders and get better results using strategies and tools rooted in Vistage’s 60+ years of working with leaders.
  • Apply learning to Real Business Projects and Initiatives. Members gain clarity and leverage peer feedback on existing initiatives, challenges and opportunities using Adapted Issue Processing in order to effectively produce tangible results for their organization.
  • Broaden Cross-functional Perspective and Expertise. By working within a peer group representing various roles and functions, members gain new perspectives and learn to collaborate more effectively for greater organizational impact.

How it Works

The Vistage Advancing Leader Program helps experienced and advancing managers turbo-charge their professional growth through:

  • Expert speaker workshops: Each meeting features a workshop facilitated by a Vistage speaker that focuses on business-related topics and promotes effective leadership.
  • Effective leadership: Members learn to think, communicate, and collaborate effectively in order to propel professional growth.
  • Issue Processing focused on execution: Using a structured framework to approach existing initiatives, challenges, or opportunities, members gain clarity, peer feedback, and next steps to deliver better results.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: Members build and strengthen cross-departmental relationships with peers and colleagues for improved results.

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