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75% of employees report that their
manager is the worst part of their job!


  • Management is easy... can be learned on the job
  • Leaders are born; not made
  • Communication is natural
  • Managers are self-aware of their strengths / weaknesses
  • Managers don’t need coaching


  • Management is a different skill set that requires training
  • 60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months
  • 69% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with employees
  • In reality, only 10-15% of managers are self-aware
  • Coaching is especially helpful in navigating the identity shift from high performer to delivering through others

“Average age for their first leadership training was 42, “about 10 years
after they began supervising people,” and almost 20 years after they
started experiencing leadership in organizations.”

— Zenger/Folkman Survey of 17,000 Leaders

pain points

The Pain Points Faced by Every Manager

Limited Resources

Dealing with constrained budgets and fewer resources for leadership development and support.

Building Credibility

Gaining respect and credibility as a new leader can be challenging, particularly in organizations where individuals have closely collaborated in the past.

Lack of Formal Training

Facing a lack of structured leadership development programs and formal training opportunities. Struggling with a shortage of experienced mentors and a shallow leadership bench within the organization.

Handling Conflict

Conflict resolution can be more complicated in small teams, as interpersonal dynamics can significantly impact the overall atmosphere.


You might have fewer external networking opportunities, which can hinder your exposure of emerging leaders to diverse perspectives & leadership insights.

Rapid Growth and Change

Navigating rapid growth and frequent changes in roles and responsibilities can lead to uncertainty and adaptation challenges.

Leadership Development Program

70% of people who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, better relationships, and more effective communication skills.

  • Get to Know Yourself through exercises
  • Receive One-to-One Coaching
  • Learn Key leadership Practices from Speaker Experts
  • Practice with Peers
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Benefits to Participants

38% of the difference in business performance can
be explained by Leadership Effectiveness.

  • Provide visibility to management
  • Demonstrate your competencies
  • Increase your and your team’s productivity
  • Reduce your stress/anxiety
  • Continue your professional development
  • Increase your ability to make a difference
  • Improve your Self-Awareness & confidence
  • Give you a lab to practice

Essential Leadership Skills: Speaker Line-up

  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Executive Presence
  • Team Management
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Increased Self-Awareness
  • Transform Culture
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Navigate Change
Hilary Blair

Hilary Blair

Activate Your Executive Presence

  • Unlock Your Authentic Presence: Learn how to cultivate an active presence that radiates confidence and authority, transforming the way you communicate and lead.
  • Master Interpersonal Influence: Gain insights and strategies for intentional connection, equipping you to initiate more effective patterns that positively impact those around you.
  • Enhance Communication Agility: Develop a heightened ability to read your audience and adjust your communication style in real-time, increasing your influence and leadership impact.
  • Harness Non-Verbal Power: Understand the impact of non-verbal communication and prosodic elements, utilizing them effectively to reinforce your messages and strengthen connections.

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Alex Dorr

Alex Dorr

No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement & Drive Big Results

  • Ego Behavior Insights: Gain a deep understanding of why ego-driven behaviors contribute to 32% of workplace drama, equipping leaders to address and reduce these negative patterns.
  • Transformative Tools: Acquire simple yet powerful tools to shift focus from ego-driven obstacles to possibilities, fostering a culture that emphasizes "how we could" rather than "why we can't."
  • Conflict Mitigation: Learn coaching techniques and strategic questions to swiftly diminish drama and conflicts in the workplace, promoting smoother interactions and teamwork.
  • Shared Accountability Approach: Embrace a novel shared accountability model for navigating change, prioritizing the alignment of change with business goals rather than solely minimizing disruptions to individuals.
  • Effortless Change Management: Obtain strategies to lead teams more seamlessly through change, leveraging shared accountability to ensure smoother transitions that benefit both the business and its members.

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Ken Clark

Ken Clark

Solving Without Sorry

  • Unlearn Common Conflict Misconceptions: Discover a fresh perspective on conflict resolution that challenges prevailing notions, offering new insights to effectively address challenges.
  • Navigate Conflict's Modern Challenges: Understand how technology and societal shifts have complicated conflict resolution, and gain strategies to overcome these hurdles.
  • Proven Tools for Restoration: Learn practical conflict resolution tools curated by Ken Clark, renowned for restoring peace, connection, joy, and productivity in families and workplaces.
  • Neurobiology and Conflict Resolution: Gain insights into how neurobiology impacts conflict resolution and learn simple steps to regain control in tense situations.
  • Transformative Method: Lean an effective method that restores connection even amid disagreements, revolutionizing the way you approach conflict resolution in your relationships and professional settings.

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Justine Froelker

Justine Froelker

The Authentic Leader: An Introduction to Dare to Lead™

  • Unlock Courageous Leadership: Discover the transformative Dare to Lead™ curriculum based on Dr. Brené Brown's research, equipping you with skills to become a daring leader.
  • Master Hard Conversations: Learn how to navigate difficult discussions, hold yourself and others accountable, and cultivate a culture of open communication and connection.
  • Embrace Vulnerability: Understand the pivotal role of courage and vulnerability in effective leadership, enabling you to build trust, lead with empathy, and drive innovation.
  • Dismantle Leadership Armor: Recognize and shed the armor that hinders daring leadership, fostering a more authentic and impactful leadership style.
  • Four Skills of Daring Leadership: Gain insights into the four essential skills of courageous leadership, empowering you to reset after setbacks, give and receive tough feedback, and take calculated risks that fuel innovation.

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Robert Teschner

Robert Teschner

Debrief to Win: Foundations of Accountable Leadership

  • Unlock System-Wide Accountability: Discover effective strategies to implement organization-wide accountability, empowering leaders to navigate challenges and drive success.
  • Thriving Amid Disruption: Learn how to excel in rapidly-changing environments by embracing cultures of improvement and accountability, drawing inspiration from high-performing military teams.
  • Power of Human Interactions: Understand the crucial role of human interactions in building processes that foster success, enabling your organization to thrive in complex scenarios.
  • The Accountable Leadership Edge: Gain insights into the proven techniques used by high-performing military teams to teach leadership, practice accountability, and tackle complexity head-on.
  • Immediate Implementation: Walk away with a clear understanding of organizing in challenging environments, a foundational grasp of the high-performing team Debrief model, and actionable steps to integrate The Debrief-Focused Approach™ into your organization for immediate impact.

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how it works

How it Works

Meets Virtually

First Thursday of the Month

10:30 am -1:30 pm ET

No meetings in July or August

Are You a Leader That’s Interested in Signing Up For The Virtual Leadership Development Program With Mark Taylor?

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What’s Included In The Program:

  • Virtual Meetings: ½ day/month (no meetings in July, or August)
  • Professionally Facilitated Issue Processing $4,500 value
  • Speakers: Five expert speaker workshops*/year $15,000 value
  • Executive Coaching: sessions with Mark Taylor $2,000 value
  • Community: a peer group for support and best practices.
  • Triads: monthly meetings for accountability
  • Bonus: webinars and exclusive content on
  • Contribute to our Community: 10% of proceeds will go to The Leadership Program (a Vistage Member Company) towards Youth Leadership Development Programs that Transform Schools and Communities in NYC. Similar to Tom’s Shoes, every Emerging Leader enrolled will provide a classroom for 30 students. This school-based preventive intervention and nonviolent conflict resolution program is targeted to NYC young adolescents and teens, with lessons that are facilitated during a class period. It has been field-tested in urban public schools and refined for optimum effectiveness and student engagement. $510 value

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