Is there a CEO or Key Executive in Your Life who wants to Grow their Leadership and Business?

It is possible you know someone dealing with leadership challenges in their life or struggling with fear and uncertainty over if what they are currently doing is the right plan of action for them. Afterall, it is lonely at the top.

Maybe they are complaining about a major leadership headache...

They could be struggling about the challenges of running a family business...

Or maybe they are just not convinced their advisors have their best interests at heart.

(click "play" and turn up the volume!)

If they shared these challenges with you, it's because they trust you. They may even be looking to you for advice.

You care about showing up and supporting the people in your life, and since we are part of your team - we would like to help.

Here is how you can help

There are a couple of things that stop people (And probably you, too) from making a necessary introduction on behalf of a friend or family member.

That’s why I made this page for you. It's your guide to making effortless introductions so the people that you care about can get the guidance they need -- before it's too late.

In it you’ll find:

  1. The most common problems that lead our members to refer their friends, family, and colleagues to us.
  2. Email and text message templates that you can copy & paste to easily refer people in your life to have a conversation with me — without the awkwardness or the wasted time of drafting an email.

The Most Common Problems
that Clients Refer Us for:

  1. Growing their leadership or organization to the next level
  2. New as CEO
  3. Hiring/Attracting Talent
  4. Getting stuck in the weeds—not working on the business
  5. Staying relevant in competitive markets
  6. Executive Isolation relief
  7. Taking back their personal life
  8. Avoiding making costly decisions (mistakes)
  9. Suffering from a lack of accountability
  10. Having a source for unbiased feedback

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Recognize anyone in your network that is currently dealing with any of these changes in their life?

If you do, then click the button below to get started.

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When to make an introduction

Do people you know say things like this? These everyday conversations
happen at business lunches and dinners, the 18th green, the country
club, networking meeting, and...

  • My parents just made me the new CEO...
  • I’m thinking about an executive coach...
  • I’m not satisfied with the results we’re getting...
  • I’ve outgrown my peer group (WPO, YPO)
  • I’m so busy putting out fires that I don’t work on my business
  • I feel like there is no one I can speak to and get an unbiased opinion
  • I don’t have a business degree; I came up through the business

How to make an introduction

Writing meaningful introductions can be difficult for some people. That's why
we created these two easy to use, copy and paste templates that you
can use to quickly fire off an intro to us.

Copy and Paste This Email Template


It may be helpful for you to speak with Mark Taylor, my Vistage Chair. Mark is a fantastic resource if you would like fresh insight or a second opinion on business or leadership.

Not committing either of you to anything. He's my trusted advisor, and I'd feel bad if I didn't at least make the introduction. You both can take it from here.

Copy and Paste This Email Template


As you may know, I am in a peer group and I've received tremendous value from it both personally and professionally. I am writing to introduce you to our group leader, Mark Taylor. If you have ever felt alone in your business, not sure which way to go, questioned what might be the right decision for a specific challenge or ever wished for a board of advisors with the experiences you might be missing, a conversation would be beneficial.

In Summary

Anyone important to you is important to me. You know me well
enough to know I’m not a sales guy.

When you refer someone in your life to speak with me, I don’t focus
on making them join or put pressure on them... I just want to help you make
a difference for the people in your life.