Improving Leadership Through CEO and Key Executive Vistage Groups


As a CEO or key executive, are you ever tired of not getting the results you want? Are you frustrated by the challenges you’ve been facing recently? Do you wish there was a way to improve your leadership skills in a comfortable environment? Chances are the answers to these questions are “yes.” Being a business… Read more

Company Culture: Without These 5 Factors, Your Company Culture is TOXIC

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable work situation? Maybe you were put in a morally questionable position by a higher up, or you found it difficult to evaluate someone’s performance because there was no clear guideline? If so, it’s possible you’ve been a member of a toxic company culture. A lot of people think… Read more

Transformational, Transactional, & Tribal Leadership

[youtube=] I loved this short video differentiating transactional leadership from transformational leadership. We define “Tribal Leadership as a journey, in which [people] understand themselves and the people around them better, and as a result, know exactly what actions will affect their workplace.” (Tribal Leadership p 7). We believe that the key is to discover what a tribe… Read more