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Vistage NYC Event Calendar

January 8, 2019 Tuesday Key Executive Group Ignite Brilliance in Your Creativity January 9, 2019 Wednesday CEO Group Ignite Brilliance in Your Creativity January 10, 2019 Thursday CEO Group Ignite Brilliance in Your Creativity February 12, 2019 Tuesday Key Executive Group Visual Leadership February 13, 2019 Wednesday CEO Group Visual Leadership February 14, 2019 Thursday… Read more

Vistage NYC Member Jill Vitiello Honored as a Woman of Influence

Vistage NYC member Jill Vitiello, an expert in employee engagement & leadership communication is being honored this week. The New York Business Journal has named Jill as one of the extraordinary women for its Women of Influence Awards. We are proud to have Jill as a member of our Vistage NYC CEO group. Congratulations Jill… Read more

No Double Dip Recession

The Q3 2010 Vistage CEO Confidence Index results are in. According to 3rd quarter results, CEO confidence was up slightly, despite a slow-to-recover economy. Other highlights: 61% of CEOs said prices for their products and services would remain about the same for the next 12 months. 48% of CEOs expect health-care costs to rise 10-25%… Read more

CEOs Challenge the Status Quo & Build a Culture

[youtube=] Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead As CEOs, what we do for a living is try to change everything. We find something that bothers us, something that needs to be improved and we try to change the status quo. The way we make change is by leading. In this entertaining 17 minute video… Read more

Vistage CEO Member Companies Significantly Outperform

Has your company been able to grow in this economy? Vistage CEO members significantly outperformed the average D&B company during 2005 to 2009. The reason: they had help. I work with a group of Manhattan CEOs who serve as each other’s private Board of Advisors. We meet monthly to help each other tackle our most challenging issues and… Read more