3 Major Ways CEOs Self-Sabotage (And How to Avoid Them)

It can be difficult to be a CEO in today’s day and age. There are countless obstacles that can hinder you and your goals, not to mention the internal struggles you can face when in such a position. As Vistage Master Chair, I’ve worked with many CEOs over the years. And, as a retired CEO… Read more

How NYC’s Most Successful CEOs Use Vistage Peer Groups to Their Advantage

Successful business leader needs a support network. This is true for any leader — CEOs, key executives, business owners, and more. But, it can be difficult to navigate the industry and find the right people for you. How can you be sure that your network will accurately support you, with genuine understanding and mutual appreciation… Read more

What Positive Intelligence Is and How Successful Leaders Use It To Their Advantage

Positive Intelligence

Positive intelligence (PQ), is an approach developed by Shirzad Chamine that refers to the ability to handle life’s challenges with a positive and overall empowered mindset. Positive intelligence is not just about thinking positively or having a good attitude. Rather, it is a comprehensive approach that involves developing mental fitness as the best predictor of… Read more

Sage vs. Saboteur: How Successful Leaders Strengthen Their Mental Fitness

As a business owner, CEO, or key executive, are the challenges you face opportunities for growth or for failure? Your answer to this question determines whether or not you have a healthy positive intelligence and strong mental fitness. As a retired CEO and Vistage Master Chair and a certified positive intelligence coach, I see how… Read more

Improving Leadership Through CEO and Key Executive Vistage Groups


As a CEO or key executive, are you ever tired of not getting the results you want? Are you frustrated by the challenges you’ve been facing recently? Do you wish there was a way to improve your leadership skills in a comfortable environment? Chances are the answers to these questions are “yes.” Being a business… Read more

Leadership Virtuosos: Five Ways to Become a Great Leader

Virtuosos are, by definition, people who are skilled in their respective fields. The word originates from the Latin word “virtus,” which translates to “excellence.” Leadership virtuosos are, therefore, people who are excellent at leading others. But how does one become a leadership virtuoso? Through my experience as a Master Vistage Chair in NYC and as… Read more

How to Develop Your Growth Mindset for More Advanced Successes


Whether you’re a CEO, key executive, or business owner, chances are that there is a lot of pressure on you to achieve success for your organization. As a retired CEO myself, in addition to being a Vistage Master Chair, I understand just how important it is for a business leader to lead their respective organization… Read more

The Key to Motivation: How to Keep Employees Engaged

Motivation is key. Successful business owners, CEOs, and key executives understand that, in order to achieve progress, they need their employees to be motivated. It is impossible for companies and organizations to succeed with insufficient internal motivation and engagement. But how do you keep employees engaged? As a Vistage Master Chair and a retired CEO… Read more

Role Descriptions vs. Job Descriptions: Avoiding Uncertainty Through Individual Roles

As a CEO or key executive, chances are that you’ve experienced in your workplace the issue of uncertainty. Missing deadlines, mixing up projects, improperly communicating with clients — all of these things result from uncertainty. Not only that, but they can result in involuntarily sacrificing quality, productivity, and positive customer relationships. Whether employees are unsure… Read more

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