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High-Stakes Executive Presentation Skills–Live in NY, Author Alexia Vernon for Vistage Key Executives

For Vistage Key Executives Only, this live workshop with author and public speaking expert, Alexia Vernon. C-suite leaders are frequently called upon to speak – to present financial information to board members, inspire senior leaders to implement new initiatives, deliver bad news to employees, or share organizational best practices as keynote speakers and panel participants… Read more

Vistage Key Executive Karen Frank of The Omnicon Group Shares Vistage Benefits

Vistage Group member Karen Frank, Executive Vice President of Omnicom, shares how her New York Vistage Key Executive group helps her solve problems which in turn helps her to gain new insights, make better decisions and be a better leader. Last month, we celebrated Karen’s five year anniversary as a Vistage member. Karen has worked more than 30 years… Read more

Vistage Key Executive Member Randy Talbot of Carmine’s and Virgil’s

Vistage New York City Group member Randy Talbot, COO of the Alicart Restaurant Group shares how his New York Vistage Key Executive group helps him solve problems which in turn helps him be a better leader. For over 25 years, the Alicart family of restaurants has been offering an exciting and unique spectrum of dining concepts. The Legendary Carmine’s Family… Read more

Vistage Key Executive Program Review By Simon Schaffer-Goldman, CMO at Case Paper

Vistage NYC Group member Simon Schaffer-Goldman shares how his New York Vistage Key Executive group helps him be a better listener, which in turn helps him be a better leader. A serious learner, Simon enrolled in the Vistage Executive Leadership Program in Collaboration with Stanford Graduate School of Business. Currently, he is working on his… Read more

Hollis Bufferd Vistage NYC Key Executive Member

This month we feature Hollis Bufferd, Chief of Staff for GSG Financial since 2005. GSG Financial partners with organizations to facilitate capital acquisitions through personalized service and customized financial solutions.  They are mainly focused on equipment financing. Their CEO, Andrew Bender, is a member of the Vistage NYC CEO peer group. Each month they both get… Read more

John Kneafsey Joins Vistage NYC Key Executive Group

John Kneafsey is the Vice President of Finance at Laufer Group International. LGI is an international freight forwarder, customs broker, and NVOCC (non vessel operating common carrier). They are known for challenging conventional wisdom and daring to create new innovations for logistical solutions. LGI has a culture of Vistage membership and CEO and owner, Mark… Read more

Congratulations Founding Vistage NYC Member Shelley Xia

Vistage Key Executive member Shelley Xia, Director of Global Business Development and Strategic Planning at Laufer Group International celebrates her five year anniversary. Shelley was member number two and a founding member of this group of high-performing senior executives that meet monthly to become even better leaders. For over 60 years, Laufer Group International has established… Read more

Founding Vistage Key Executive Member Adam Weiss

Adam Weiss, General Manager at Atlantic Business Products,  a 300+ employee corporation, supporting over 20,000 organizations, celebrates his five year anniversary with the Vistage NYC Key Executive Group. Adam was member number one, making him the founding member of this group of results-driven direct reports to CEOs who get together monthly to enhance their leadership… Read more

CEO Coaching: How To Resolve Any Issue in Less Than Five Minutes

What is executive coaching or CEO coaching? This is a very funny video where Bob Newhart shows us executive coaching and demonstrates a sure-fire method to resolve any issue in less than five minutes. In Tribal Leadership Philosophy, we view one-to-one coaching as a sign of Stage Three. Stage Three is the dominant culture of U.S. workplace tribes… Read more

46% of Newly Hired Employees will Fail within 18 Months

According to a groundbreaking three-year study of over 5,000 managers who hired over 20,000 employees, “46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months.” Interestingly, the number one reason employees failed was their inability to accept and implement feedback from their boss and colleagues. Stage 2 and 3 are not good at accepting feedback… Read more

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