Vistage NYC Live Event: Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts with Michael Brode-Waite

In an era of rapid change and high stakes, strong leadership is more critical than ever. Yet, even the most accomplished leaders can unknowingly fall prey to addictive behaviors that drain productivity and stifle growth. This transformative Vistage NYC Live workshop offers a deep dive into the ‘Leader Addictions’ that may be robbing your organization… Read more

EGuide: A Great and Worthy Purpose

Download the free eGuide from Mark Taylor’s leadership essential practices, which is pulled from Mark Taylor’s upcoming book: “A Great and Worthy Purpose”.   … Read more

Vistage Worldwide: The Perks of Joining My NYC Vistage Groups

As a business owner, CEO, or key executive, you often feel the need for a supportive network of business professionals. Whether it’s in the form of a peer advisory group, a one-on-one mentorship relationship, or even the opportunity to attend a speaker event with an expert, there are many ways for Vistage to provide value… Read more

3 Major Ways CEOs Self-Sabotage (And How to Avoid Them)

It can be difficult to be a CEO in today’s day and age. There are countless obstacles that can hinder you and your goals, not to mention the internal struggles you can face when in such a position. As Vistage Master Chair, I’ve worked with many CEOs over the years. And, as a retired CEO… Read more

How NYC’s Most Successful CEOs Use Vistage Peer Groups to Their Advantage

Successful business leader needs a support network. This is true for any leader — CEOs, key executives, business owners, and more. But, it can be difficult to navigate the industry and find the right people for you. How can you be sure that your network will accurately support you, with genuine understanding and mutual appreciation… Read more

Helping Vistage Leaders Achieve Their Goals

Like any business leader, you sometimes face challenges you’re not prepared to handle. Or, you’ve got a business-related challenge for which you have a solution, but would still like to talk with someone about it and bounce ideas off of them. This can happen in a number of industries, and it is no indication of… Read more

Five Common Mistakes Made by Members of Triads

In a previous post, we talked about the value of triads. The most successful business owners use triads to succeed. A triad is more than a meeting of three people, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. If you haven’t checked out the previous blog post on the advantage of triads, make sure you read that for… Read more

What Positive Intelligence Is and How Successful Leaders Use It To Their Advantage

Positive Intelligence

Positive intelligence (PQ), is an approach developed by Shirzad Chamine that refers to the ability to handle life’s challenges with a positive and overall empowered mindset. Positive intelligence is not just about thinking positively or having a good attitude. Rather, it is a comprehensive approach that involves developing mental fitness as the best predictor of… Read more

How CEOs Can Harness Workforce Velocity and Win the Talent Game

The top issue facing Vistage CEOs is attracting and retaining talent. The Big Upgrade is here, shaking the workforce to its core. Employees are taking the reins, with quit rates at a jaw-dropping 3.9 million and unemployment rates hitting rock bottom at 3.6%. The job market is a treasure trove of opportunities, and savvy workers… Read more

Sage vs. Saboteur: How Successful Leaders Strengthen Their Mental Fitness

As a business owner, CEO, or key executive, are the challenges you face opportunities for growth or for failure? Your answer to this question determines whether or not you have a healthy positive intelligence and strong mental fitness. As a retired CEO and Vistage Master Chair and a certified positive intelligence coach, I see how… Read more

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