How to Create Core Values that Make a Difference

[youtube=] Most companies that reflect upon and create core values for their organization do it once, create a plaque, and post it on the wall to be forgotten. One company that does it well is Zappos. There are several things I admire about what they do. I love how they created values that are statements… Read more

One Way to Shift a Culture is Through Triads

[youtube=] In this 5 minute video, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, answers the question, how do you change a culture if you are not the leader. His answer, which he credits the book, Tribal Leadership , is triads. Triads are the subject of chapter 10 in the book. “At its most basic level, a triad… Read more

How to Create a Corporate Culture that Wows Employees

[youtube=] Zappos is growing at a 30% clip. How do they inspire their employees and sustain their culture? They are committed to something they call the “Wow!” factor and believe it starts with wowing their employees. They have created a corporate culture that is based on their core values. Dave Logan and his coauthors, John… Read more