Vistage Members

Vistage NYC consists of CEOs that run successful businesses in Manhattan. Here are a few of our members and what they have to say about their Vistage NYC experience:

 “When I talk to CEOs who are considering Vistage, I ask, “Do you spend a lot of time and effort training your employees?” The answer is always, “Yes.” Then I ask how much time is spent on training the CEO. The answer is usually, “Not much.” Vistage provides the CEO with the training he or she needs to do an exceptional job.”

Richard Motta, CEO, Volunteers of America–Greater New York


Joining Vistage gives me one day out of the month to get out of the hustle & bustle of the office to refocus, learn from the resources and come back with new ideas to implement. I have enjoyed speakers and leave every meeting with new ideas and actions to take when I get back to the office. It has been a worthwhile investment in my personal and professional development and as a result, I have become a better leader. As the chair of my Vistage group, Mark has demonstrated a great ability to keep the group on track and have impact. Mark is a great motivator and has many valuable ideas that have helped me grow, both personally and professionally. Thanks Mark!

Michael Feldman, CEO, David Feldman Worldwide

“Mark is a great Vistage chair and someone who has contributed greatly to my success as a businessman. Having joined Vistage in 2009, I have found it to be a wonderful experience and a tool that directly impacts the bottom line of my business.Through Mark, I have learned how to improve the efficiency and performance of my sales force – which directly impacts the bottom line. Mark has introduced me to tools and concepts which has forced me to change the way I think about my business. I highly recommend Mark! “ 

 Mark Laufer, CEO, Laufer Group International

Judy Paul“Vistage has acted as an objective board of directors for us. It helped our small family business develop strategic objectives, the most significant being a successful buyout of our limited partners.”

Judy Paul, CEO Washington  Square Hotel



Jim LeroseIf you work with Mark Taylor you can rest assured that you are dealing with an individual with the highest integrity. Mark’s expertise spans from helping company’s reduce transportation costs to helping CEO’s run their company’s better and more efficiently. Mark puts the needs of his clients before his own and strives for 100% satisfaction in all of his business dealings. No one listens or cares more.”

Jim LeRose, Principle, Agile-Network NYC