Why Vistage NYC?

CEOs are in the business of making decisions. — Sam Reese, CEO

Vistage NYC is considered the premier Manhattan Vistage group facilitated by Master Chair, Mark Taylor. This is one of the few Vistage groups that utilize the cutting-edge Triads facilitation structure pioneered by Mark Taylor. Participants become better leaders and deliver better results by refining their instincts, improving their judgment, expanding perspectives, and optimizing decision-making.

Vistage New York is Unique in Three Ways

Monthly Triad Meetings: You meet with two other CEOs to ask for feedback on any challenge, decision, or opportunity. Each meeting is facilitated. Members choose their topic and sometimes present financials for unbiased perspectives, share their strategic plans, ask for feedback on direct reports, or present on anything that serves them.

Monthly Group Meetings (With Expert Speaker Workshops): Because we always meet in Manhattan, book speakers for three days in a row, and do so a year in advance, we get the best speakers. Annual group surveys determine the topics. Afternoon sessions are for issue processing with Manhattan’s smartest & most successful CEOs.

Annual Retreat: Our annual retreats include world-class authors for full one-day intensive interactive workshops customized for our 18 member groups. Past authors include Kaley Warner Klemp author of 13 Guidelines for Effective Teams, Michael Margolis, author of Believe Me: Why Your Vision, Brand, and Leadership Need a Bigger Story, Diana Chapman of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, and John King, author of Tribal Leadership.