Vistage NYC June 2019 Live Event: Jason Hartanov on Elevate Your Success!

Don’t Miss this Live Vistage NYC top speaker on how to Elevate Your Success: How To Identify And Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs To Take Your Life And Business To The Next Level!

Have you ever had the sense that you aren’t living up to your true potential in life and in business? Of course, you have. That’s because no matter how extravagant your success, we are all held back from reaching our full potential by our limiting beliefs. In effect, we have become the great limiter to our own life and until we learn to identify and remove our upper limit, our lives are cut short from their full potential.

Our upper limit exists because we have adopted limiting beliefs that hold us back. In many ways, it is there to protect us and to keep us safe. Just like a thermostat in a house adjusts the temperature to stay within a programmed range, our mindset has a range of success that it is programmed to keep. If we hit our upper limit, we will do something that stops our positive forward trajectory.

These limiting beliefs reside in the subconscious mind, which has 97% of the processing power of the mind and is estimated to be one million times greater than the conscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that is working to always drop us back into the comfortable zone of familiar. This is what makes change so hard and so few people break through their glass ceiling. It’s also why you hear that almost all lottery winners lose their winnings a few short years later.

The good news is that when we start to understand the programming behind our upper limit we can break through it and success will flow into our life and business effortlessly. This then enables us to think new thoughts, take new actions, and reap new results that help us leap forward into greater success.

Jason Hartanov, MBA, CPC, is a professional coach, mentor, and speaker who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs exponentially grow their business so they can live a purpose-filled inspired life of their dreams. He is the CEO of Hartanov Enterprises, LLC and Jason Hartanov Coaching, which was formed to equip and inspire leaders with the skills, expertise, and strategies to live boldly and reach their full potential. He is a sought after speaker and expert in entrepreneurial leadership, personal growth, mindset, speaking, and business strategy.

This free event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.